▷ Pepsi redesigns its cans in minimalist matte black for ‘Zero Sugar’

“Zero Azúcar” new sugar-free drink new packaging design

Pepsi Zero Sugar is not sugar coated, and PepsiCo He hopes to illustrate it with his new cut out matte black tin can design for 2020.

The packaging arrives with a matte black finish and a distinct flange, also washed in black, to express the “unapologetic” character of the sugar-free glue.

The redesign of the can is part of Pepsi’s new ‘America Wins Zero’ campaign for Super Bowl LIV, which will reimburse “everyone in America” with the cost of a free Pepsi Zero Sugar (up to $ 2.50) if a team finishes the game with a score ending in zero.

Redesigned your can

PepsiCo has redesigned its Pepsi Zero Sugar soda can for 2020, giving the drink a new matte black finish.

The newly designed can will feature a matte black finish and a ‘signature’ black tab, although the drink recipe will remain unchanged.

PepsiCo claims that Pepsi Zero Azucar was one of the fastest growing soda brands in the US in 2019, and the redesigned can aims to continue this growth in 2020.

Marketing campaign

In addition to the redesign, Pepsi has announced a new marketing campaign to promote the Zero sugar drink, which includes a competitive partnership with Super Bowl LIV.

Called “America Wins Zero,” Pepsi will reimburse the cost of a free Pepsi Zero Sugar (up to $ 2.50 for purchases between February 2-4) if any of the teams in Super Bowl LIV finish the game with a score that ends at zero.

Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing for Pepsi, said: “At Pepsi, we are always looking for new ways to meet the changing preferences of our consumers, and we know that people are increasingly looking for sugar-free options.

“We have learned that once people discover the great taste of Pepsi Zero Sugar, they cannot get enough and keep coming back for more. So we’re going ‘all’ at Pepsi Zero Sugar this year and we’ve created a bold and unapologetic new look to match its great taste, with a new matte black can and a black tab that will stand out anywhere. ”

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