A Designer Predicts Redesigns for Successful Fashion Companies

Redesign of successful fashion logos in the middle

It was one of the jokes of 2019: luxury fashion retailers have been trading their time-tested logos for drastically minimal versions that can look totally similar to inexperienced eyes. Brands opting for sans-serifs this year include redesigns for companies such as Balmain, Celine (formerly Céline), and Burberry.

Joking aside, there are a number of reasons why brands seem to be adopting the same typeface. San-serifs, when elegantly designed, can illustrate the companies they represent in an elegant and legible way that is suitable for the digital age.

Having observed these major renovations, an incognito designer, who even created a temporary email address for the sake of this project, decided to redesign the logos of 19 other luxury retailers.

The industry rebranding wave, which this designer calls the “Virgil Abloh effect,” is the “easiest way to keep up with the cool kids.” Abloh’s Off-White, as well as Balenciaga, are textbook examples of this effect.

“[Going sans-serif] it rejuvenates the brand with minimal effort, ”the designer told Ideakreativa.

Best redesigns for fashion companies

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