An Apple Mac Pro With Full Specifications Will Cost You $ 52,600

The new Mac Pro has these top-of-the-range specifications

Apple Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR officially went on sale today, allowing us to answer the question that has been on everyone’s mind since the announcement was made. power of that Apple team: How much will it cost to buy a full spec of this monster? The answer: a whopping $ 52,600.

When Apple first announced the Mac Pro, the company only revealed the price of the base model, which was already somewhat … controversial … at $ 6,000 for a 3.5GHz 8-core Intel Xeon W CPU, Radeon 580X GPU with 8GB of video memory, 32GB of ECC RAM and a measly 256GB SSD storage. But that’s the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Mac Pro with top-of-the-line features

Fully specified, the computer can drive a 2.6GHz 28-core Intel Xenon W processor with turbo boost up to 4.4GHz (+ $ 7,000), a mind-blowing 1.5 terabytes of RAM (+ $ 25,000), two Radeon Pro Vega II Duos with a combined 128GB of dedicated video memory (+ $ 10,800), and up to 4TB of SSD storage (+ $ 1,400). Oh, and let’s add the special Apple Afterburner accelerator card that is capable of decoding up to 6.3 billion pixels per second (+ $ 2,000), allowing you to play three streams of RAW ProRes 8K video simultaneously, and pull over some wheels. (+400) to the frame

And all in all, if you pack all of this with the most powerful technology Apple has to offer, the price ranges from $ 6,000 for the base model to $ 52,600… which is just where we expected it to land. when we covered the launch in June.

For more information, or if you happen to have 53 grandees sitting alone on your bank account, looking for a good home, go to the Apple website and configure yours.

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