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Bauhaus Dessau It might have closed after just 14 years, but its spirit remains a major source of inspiration today. This year, the German design school would have celebrated its centenary. The creative world has honored the centennial by reviving its unfinished typefaces, reimagining brand logos to incorporate the Bauhaus Design aesthetic, and most recently packaging its assets for easy download.

The new one ‘ Bauhaus bookstore is a concise “virtual library” of free fonts compiled from the Bauhaus period. Created by the story design expert Andrea Riegel, covers “(almost) all Bauhaus books and magazines… with the possibility of downloading them”. The texts are accompanied by short excerpts that illustrate the beauty of the Bauhaus.

Bauhaus aesthetics follows a concept of “form follows function”, arising from the need to design everyday things such as buildings, tables and chairs. Today, this is a principle that separates design from art; While a design can be nice to look at, it must also have a purpose.

The trait is evident in ‘Bauhaus Bookshelf’, which shows downloads of Bauhaus books, advertisements, magazines and more.

An intriguing fact describes why Bauhaus designers preferred to write everything in lowercase. An excerpt from Herbert Bayer in Bauhaus Journal 1.1926says: “We don’t speak great sounds, that’s why we don’t write them either… The great alphabet is illegible in typesetting. hence the little alphabet “.

The Bauhaus Dessau letterhead it even said: “We write everything in lowercase, as we save time. Also: why two alphabets, if one achieves the same? Why capitalize if you can’t speak big?

You can see ‘Bauhaus Bookshelf’ here .

Bauhaus Design magazines download for free

“Principles of neoplastic art” by Theo van Doesburg. Image via Bauhaus Bookshelf

Bauhaus Design magazines download for free

1930s unknown designer advertisement. Das neue Frankfurt image via Bauhaus Bookshelf

Bauhaus Design magazines download for free

MoMA Poster for the ‘Bauhaus 1919-1928’ exhibition in New York, 1938. Image via Bauhaus Bookshelf

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