The 15 Best Fonts For Web Design

Are you already aware of what are the best fonts for web design?

Until today, you have the basics to start step by step with the branding design of your brand or online business.

You know what types of resources can work best for you and you even know what the classification of fonts is.

You just needed to know another fact, and it is not exactly a trend.

They are the typefaces most used in web design and that have worked wonders at the design level.

You can usually see them in any type of field in the digital world, since they work quite well visually, which is why they are a designer’s favorite.

And I wouldn’t rate them as a trend, but rather as a resource that I know will be a favorite for quite some time.

So let’s see what type of fonts it is recommended that you choose for the design that you are going to do and what are those fonts for web design that are giving something to talk about in the world of creatives.

How to choose a font for web design?

Although it is true that the design speaks for your brand or for what you want to convey, it is also true that it has to be functional.

Every design has a purpose and speaking of specific web design, quality user experience is the first purpose.

Your second purpose will be to create a harmonious distribution of graphic elements and that, of course, everything coincides with the same message or values ​​that you want to capture.

“Now, please explain in detail what you just told me”

Well, let’s get to it.

Imagine that you are redecorating your room. 

In mind you have a mental map of how you want the distribution of the elements to be, you have an ideal paint tone for the walls and you already know what your lamps will be like.

Everything is more than good until you have to go to the store and choose the type of pigment, the lamps, and the furniture.

But you find the news that you cannot do everything as you had in mind because in that store there is no color that you like, there are no lamps that you like and there are only 4 models of armchairs that are the only options of which You can choose.

(To top off the moment, the other store in the same category is 4 hours from where you are ).

What are you doing at that time? 

Do you give up because you wanted to find only what you had in mind or do you adapt to what exists in the store?

Exactly, your option will be to educate yourself on the requirements that these perfect furniture that you are going to put in your room must have and you will educate yourself on the type of pigment that you have available to buy.

This is how this post will work and this is how the search and selection of your typography for web design will work.

Because the idea is not to be guided by what is most beautiful at first glance, but also to know what works and what doesn’t.

It’s that simple.

So what should have the best typography for web design? 


A good typography gives you a clean visual tour, it is easy to understand and to read at the first contact with the eye of the person who perceives it.

And it is not necessary that all the fonts on a website are stick, that is, they are Sans Serif fonts.

Serif fonts have their own, and I wanted to confess this to you just at this trending moment in which dry-wood and fixed-width fonts are as much in vogue as BEBAS.

I understand that it is a trend that facilitates communication for designers and makes all designs adapt to what is “in” and what works.

But it is not the end of Serif fonts. They remain the best choice for digital media such as online newspapers and magazines, and even for the development of personal brands (mostly female).

Adaptability to any size 

WordPress is the quintessential CMS preferred by almost every designer in the world. It is very simple to use and in short, it simplifies the task of making a site user- friendly and adaptable to all dimensions of any electronic device.

In addition, its universe of plugins and the ability to make the SEO of a website a complete walk make some give it 10 points out of the same 10.

And the fonts must complement that complete package that WordPress represents. It is for this reason that the adaptability of the font to all possible types of sizes is important.

Both the headers of your publications and the body of the text must adapt without losing its sharpness or properties to the size that you give it.

It should be noted that all themes have their differences in terms of these two qualities, the dimensions of Divi fonts are somewhat different from those of Elementor or Metro Pro.

And since not all design fonts can fulfill these qualities, I made a shortlist for you so that you know which fonts are trending that work and that I know can create a harmonious contrast.

Do we see them?









Roboto Sans










Open Sans






Basic Title Font








What is the typeface you are going to choose the design of your website?

This list may lack more than 10 fonts that are also trending, so we went straight to the ones that are becoming the world’s favorites every day.

More and more of course. 

But I bet you also have your own opinion on the best fonts for web design and I also know that you will tell me in the comments.

“Uh-huh, but he didn’t need to talk about so-and-so, about the so-and-so source …”

Confess it all in comments that you know are waiting for you from this side of the world and from the computer screen with coffee in hand eager to read and respond to you.


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