Free Photoshop Collage Templates for Photographers

Ever wonder how some photographers or photography companies manage to put together incredible montages of images? Well, they most likely use collage templates.

With our free Photoshop collage templates for photographers, you can do the same too. You’ll be sharing portrait, wedding and lifestyle montages in no time.

Why you should use Photoshop Collage Template

Templates are a great way to display your images. You have undoubtedly flipped through a magazine and seen several of these, covering many different topics.

They are used by lifestyle photographers as they offer a way to display many photos within one complete image. They are excellent for wedding photography, showing details along with wider shots.

If you are a family photographer, parents will definitely appreciate images like these of their children. Many images of children can be placed within a framed picture, reducing costs and wall space.
These collage templates can look very professional, as long as you are careful when choosing images. They need to fit the style of the template, the orientation needs to match, and the images need to look great.

Free Photoshop Collage Templates

You can find their free photo collage templates here. Inside the zip file, you will find six collage templates.
Two are horizontally oriented, one is fully portrait oriented, one combines portraits and landscapes.
The last two are a bit different in that they remove the border. These two are known as masonry collage templates, and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun playing with them.

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How to use our Photoshop collage templates

Our free photo design templates are deliberately simple, allowing you to their Images really capture the viewer and tell a clear and powerful story. Designing it this way makes it very easy and fast to use, so you don’t waste time putting images on your blog page. Our 13 templates are precisely measured so your images will fit perfectly.

Step 1 | Open the file : To get started, just open the .psd file of the template you want to use and you should see something like this:

Step 2 | Insert images : Time to insert your amazing images! To replace the images within the template, open the window Layers (usually located in the lower right part of the screen).

If you look, there are checkered boxes that accompany each part of the template. To change the image in the specific region, double-click the smart object icon in the lower right corner of the checkered box to open the smart object file. Your image will appear.

Then drag and drop your image onto the template. Choose the image from your computer that you want to place in this section of the template and drag it over the blank space. Resize and recompose ( shortcut: Cmnd / Ctrl + T ) your photo inside the template and press Enter.

Step 3 | Flatten the image and save: finally, right-click on the image layer to open the menu and select ‘ Flatten Image ‘ . Save the new image layer and close that tab and you will see that your template has been modified to display your image.

Step 4 | Repeat: all you have to do is repeat this process for each section of the template. In our example, we would need to select one more image to fill in the rest of the remaining slots. Remember that when you click on the smart object icon, that layer opens in a new tab in Photoshop. After adding an image, you need to save that layer so that it appears in the original template.

blog example extends from templates

Below you can see examples of some of the Photoshop collage templates included in our 13-pack. Each extension is designed to help tell a story by taking the viewer through a series of images.

Asymmetric Photoshop Collage Template

Collage templates in PSD
Collage templates in PSD

2 vertical side by side Photoshop collage template

Collage templates in PSD
Collage templates in PSD

Vertical 3 Photoshop Collage Template

Collage templates in PSD
Collage templates in PSD

Right Horizontal, 2 Left Horizontal Photoshop Collage Template

Collage templates in PSD
Collage templates in PSD

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