Graphic Design Rate in 2021 in Dollars

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Graphic design services as far as the rate is concerned cost between $ 100 and $ 850 on average throughout the country , depending on the size of the project, the number of reviews and the experience of the designer.

Many factors affect the cost of graphic design services, so chatting with a few business owners to discuss what you need and the price points will likely be helpful. You may find that they can offer tips on color palettes, website design, and how to use your new design work on their social media as well. Graphic design creates the first impression people have of your business or organization, so it pays to get it right.

Remember that a graphic designer doesn’t just have a good eye for design. They will know what you will need, how to repeat work to save costs, and how to use different programs to get the result you need, as well as the different types of files you will need for different design jobs. This is not a DIY task unless you have design experience. Let a professional help you!

What do graphic designers do?

Christmas gifts for graphic designers
Christmas gifts for graphic designers

Graphic designers serve individuals, businesses, nonprofits, schools, government organizations, public service groups, and more. Clients frequently request brochures, business cards, signs, posters, artwork, logo and branding design, as well as web design and digital artwork. The scope of the project can be for a one-time job or for ongoing graphic design work and printing services.

Graphic design hourly rates

According to BestDraft In Irvine, California, expect to pay about $ 85 an hour for a graphic designer. Many designers charge by the hour rather than having a fixed price or flat fee per design project, simply because the amount of time required can vary widely. Some base all prices on their hourly rate, and others use it as a way to track payment once a set amount of agreed-upon work has been completed and the customer still has additional needs.

Graphic design services can be provided by entry-level independent contractors or boutique creative agencies, and prices vary by experience level. The reputation, experience, background, and training of a design firm or designer also greatly affect the cost of services. Designers early in their careers can generally offer simple, practical, and inexpensive design services, while more experienced professionals and respected agencies can provide more extensive or elaborate design services with a variety of add-ons.

Different levels of experience and reputation will result in different rates being offered, but you mostly get what you pay for. Great design takes time and effort to create, so don’t just choose based on low rates. Most graphic designers will work to find a solution or package that suits a client’s budget, so being honest about your budget up front can pay off in the long run.

Logo design fees

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Graphic designers create logos for individuals, companies, and other organizations seeking a visual representation of their brand. Often times, logo designers charge by the hour as logo projects can vary in the time required. The number of revisions to the logo design plays an important role in the final cost because each revision requires additional hours of design and file output. The price of the logo design may vary, depending on whether it is part of a larger design package or if it is purchased individually.

Here are some examples of prices for logo design:

Graphic design price list

Many graphic designers offer package pricing for bundled services, which can be less expensive than purchasing each service individually. Here are some examples of graphic design pricing packages:


  • Three logo design options : $ 870, including three review cycles
  • Six logo design options : $ 1,380, including three review cycles.

In the above two packages, the hourly rate of $ 85 applies if more than three review cycles are requested.

Interactive Agency Ladybugz

  • Small Business Starter Kit : $ 6,000, which includes a custom-designed WordPress logo, business cards, and website

Website graphic design

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While some graphic designers are graphic artists offering only design work, some may be able to help you with website design as well. Larger graphic design companies may have freelance web designers on staff. . The cost of website design varies a lot. Graphic designers can create websites from scratch, creating a custom site with interactivity and visual presentation according to the budget and the needs of the client. Designers can also create a simpler website based on existing templates that will make it easier for clients to keep the site up to date on their own.

For instance, BestDraft charges between $ 5,000 and $ 7,500 for a website design with five or six pages, high-quality design, and CMS capabilities.

Graphic Design Brochure

Creative flyers price list for your inspiration

Brochures and collateral such as sales sheets and other printed materials support a customer’s brand and messages. Some designers charge by the hour for these printed materials, and others charge a package fee, combining them with other services. Bundle deals are good for customers who need a whole new brand. Here are some example fees for brochures and other marketing guarantees:

Due to the increasing overlap of printed materials (such as brochures) and digital design, the same design techniques and design tools are used to do both, with high-resolution results, which means that a brochure design can be easily adapted. for a web page. This reuse allows customers to save on overhead costs if multiple services are needed.

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