Landor Redesigns Kellogg’s Cereal Boxes

New product packaging for Kellogg’s

Brand agency Landor has created new packaging designs across Kellogg’s cereal range with the goal of making boxes easier to find on the shelf. The European-wide redesign, which will allow Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut, Coco Pops and many more favorites to have a cleaner look, is one of the most extensive in company history.

The new design prioritizes bold, easy-to-spot color and reduces package clutter. Landor increased the size of the Kellogg logo and introduced consistent photos across the range. The new packs feature bowls of each cereal that was shot from above, ditching Photoshop spoons and milk splatters for a more natural look.

Characters such as Tony the Tiger from Frosties and the green rooster Corn Flakes have been retained, but now appear in the same lower left position in each pack. Landor also developed a new icon set to make ingredients and production processes easier to understand.

Change of presentation of a product with a history (Kellogg’s cereal)

The design responds to Kellogg’s perception that customers want food packaging to be clearer to read and easier to find. In an era where transparency and provenance are high priorities for shoppers, packages aim to communicate the origin of ingredients, as well as stand out from a sea of ​​competitors.

Initial research by Kellogg found that 70 percent of customers were able to locate new packages more easily and increased “purchase intent” by 50 percent.

Kellogg's cereal box or packaging redesign
Kellogg's cereal box or packaging redesign
Landor: Kellogg pack redesign.

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