Microsoft Office Redesigns ‘Word’, ‘Excel’, ‘Powerpoint’ With Simplicity and Space

Microsoft Office minimalist style

It is likely that Rely on muscle memory to navigate Microsoft Office, as being crafty with their software has long been a basic skill. However, the company ad recently a review to streamline your work processes even more.

By paradoxical As it sounds, too much simplicity can complicate things, which is why Microsoft does not intend to make extreme changes to the software. Over the next several months, you will gradually implement user experience improvements in ‘Word’, ‘Excel’, ‘Powerpoint’, ‘OneNote’ and ‘Outlook’ that will help you get things done quickly, based on what you have learned about the behavior of the user throughout the process. years.

A prominent change is a simplified tape, which will first hit the web version of ‘Word’. Microsoft is minimizing the classic three-line view to a single row that highlights the most important commands.

Microsoft Office Redesign with Simplicity and Space
Microsoft Office Redesign with Simplicity and Space

New user interface

Since it can carry some familiarity, the company practices some caution by testing it out first in a program.

“Users have a lots of ‘muscle memory’ built around these versions, ”Microsoft explained. “So we plan to be especially careful about changes that could disrupt your work.” We are not yet ready to bring the simplified tape to these releases because we think we need more feedback from a broader set of users first. ”
Select Microsoft ‘Insiders’ can look forward to seeing the new film in July. Those who are uncomfortable with the switch can revert to traditional mode with the push of a button.

New colors and icons will also reach applications. These visuals are designed to be scalable to ensure sharper, clearer lines “on any size screen.”

Users of ‘Outlook’ They will soon be able to enjoy an improved search experience, with AI and Microsoft Graph, which offers suggestions as soon as you place your cursor in the search field. Business users can now access the feature on ‘’, ‘SharePoint Online’ and the ‘Outlook’ mobile app.

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Up to now, Microsoft testers have a lot to say about increasing interface space and accessibility. “It’s simpler and I feel like I can open it up and immediately orient myself and move on. There is not much additional information. Tasks are obvious on this screen, ”one described. Another wrote: “The toolbar provides the most frequently used functions … maximizing the actual screen real estate for actual content.”

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