Netflix Releases Full Chapters of Abstract – The Art of Design

Abstract: The art of online design free

Netflix is ​​not all a mindless entertainment (looking at you, Love is blind Y Too Hot to Handle) , it is also home to some original educational programs such as Abstract: the art of design.

As families stay home To flatten the COVID-19 curve, Netflix is ​​offering 35-40 hours of learning material for everyone, including non-subscribers, by releasing some of its best educational shows and movies on YouTube for free.

The lineup includes highly rated documentary Knock down the house , which revolves around the campaigns of the US Democratic Congressmen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Cori Bush and Paula Jean Swearengin;Our Planet , a documentary that explores the wonders of Mother Nature; 13 , a film about the mass incarceration of black Americans; Babies , a series about raising babies and their growth that has been on Netflix’s top 10 list for some time; Y Explained , a Netflix series and Vox what covers topics that you may have been curious about.

Design enthusiasts surely will enjoy the hit Netflix documentary series Abstract: The Art of Design , where viewers are led into the lives and minds of industry moguls like Paula Scher, Christoph Niemann and more.

You can see the complete playlist here. Scroll down to see the list of educational titles now available for free.

Abstract – The art of design chapter on youtube

What’s more


1. Chasing Coral (90 minutes)
2. 13th (102 minutes)
3. Tearing down the house (40 minutes)
Four. The white helmets (90 minutes)
5. Serie Zion (11 minutes)

1. Our planet (eight episodes)
2. Explained (seven episodes)
3. Summary: The Art of Design (eight episodes)
Four. Babies (five episodes)

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