‘Object Selection’ the New Adobe Photoshop Tool, Cuts Elements Instantly

New Photoshop Tool ‘Object Selection’

Photoshop It may have some more essential and useful features, but be prepared, because your workflow is about to get even more productive with this new ”Object Selection” feature.

This week, Adobe showcased a game-changing object selection tool that will launch into Photoshop for desktops. Powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence technology, the feature effortlessly detects and selects objects, ensuring you no longer have to paint over your focus area or just select items based on color.

Object selection tool
Object selection tool

The Object Selection Tool

It only requires a click and drag. In a video demonstrated by Photoshop Product Manager Meredith Stotzner, the software effortlessly tracks a hat and accurately selects a cue from a table. The clip even shows that you can remove the peppers from the taco simply by clicking and sliding your cursor over each slice.

The next show it also allows you to make multiple selections at once, as well as allows you to make easy Marquee and Lasso selections with simple click and drag movements. Not announced

Adobe has yet to say when the smart feature will launch in Photoshop, but Adobe MAX begins Nov. 4, so we could learn more soon. Check out the video below for an early look:

The new Object Selection Tool sits at the top of the Magic Wand tool group and offers precise click-and-drag Marquee or Lasso selections thanks to a bit of computational magic. By simply selecting the general area of ​​objects that you would like to include or exclude, Sensei promises to identify the correct subject and fit a precise selection around it.

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