Polaroid Redesigns Its Brand and Is an Instant Boost

The history of the brand is celebrated with an explosion of color.

Polaroid has reclaimed its original name and built on its previous visual identity in a rebranding that sees the instant film pioneer come full circle. Although you may not have noticed the existence of Polaroid Originals in the first place, this arm of the brand no longer officially exists. The entire company has been unified, in an explosion of color, under the flagship brand: Polaroid. To mark the occasion, there is also a new camera, the Polaroid Now.

The brand was created in 2017 when the Dutch group The Impossible Dream merged with Polaroid. This branch of the business continued to manufacture instant cameras, while Polaroid searched for non-camera related products. The rebrand aims to “give clarity to people” by unifying the brand under a singular identity that has analog cameras at its heart. And everything is an explosion of joy full of rainbows that we cannot stop looking at.

Polaroid - branding redesign
Polaroid – branding redesign

The new designs feature a series of five-color rainbow stripes under the branding (which retains the original typeface), plus a rainbow that descends for the new cameras to bounce off.

Polaroid changes its brand
Redirect Logo – Polaroid
Polaroid changes its brand
Polaroid brand redirect
Color explosion
Brand redirect – Polaroid
Change your brand
Brand Redirector

“Looking to the future”

The motivation behind the rebrand is to consolidate the relevance of the company in the coming years and to unify its production.

Having pioneered instant cameras, with Polaroid’s first invention finding Edwin Land in 1947, Birkalan says the brand is so relevant in our digital age, but for different reasons.

“In the past, people were excited about our products because they could see an image instantly unfold in front of them,” she says.

Today, however, it presents itself as an alternative to what Birkalan calls our “always-on” throwaway culture. ”

“Now it represents the meaning that it brings to a moment that you can instantly capture but that will be with you forever,” she says. “[Este cambio de marca] It is to make it clear to all fans, retailers and partners that we are a brand, with a name that represents the iconic company that people have known and loved for the past nine decades, while looking to the future. ”

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