Schwartz Spice Brand Goes Transparent in Its Redesign

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The range of herbs and spices has received a new packaging from the BrandOpus study, to better display the ingredients within the packages and encourage more people to cook at home with Schwartz products.

The consulting firm BrandOpus has redesigned the packaging for herbs and spices of the Schwartz range, as part of a larger redesign for its parent company McCormick.

McCormick global company renews

It is a global company that owns many versions of the Schwartz brand of spices, including Schwartz in the UK, Ducros in France, Spain and Belgium, Margao in Portugal and Silvo in the Netherlands. The new look will be implemented across all of these brands. The brand identities of Schwartz, Ducros, Margao and Silvo remain the same.

The spices, which come in glass jars, will now have a transparent label, showing more colors and textures of the ingredients inside with the goal of inspiring more people to cook at home, according to BrandOpus.


The name of the seasoning will appear in the center of the label in bold sans-serif typeface. Most of the names were written in white, except for minced garlic, which is green, for contrast.

Vibrant color redesign

Surrounding this is a circle of “vibrant” color, with variants including green, orange, red, yellow, and purple, depending on what’s inside. The color of the cap matches the circle.

Pictures of key ingredients in their fresh form, such as whole chili peppers or coriander leaves, are in the lower left of the circle, while descriptions such as “handpicked” are on the right.

The new “dynamic” image aims to generate creativity in the kitchen, according to BrandOpus, as well as to show the “quality” of the products.

The structure of the glass containers has also been redesigned by Webb DeVlam. The curvy design of the vintage jars has been changed to a simple, straight glass container with a two-tone lid and more room to insert a spoon into the jar.

Schwartz’s Global visual identity

It applies to more than 1,500 pieces of packaging, as well as new communication materials and focuses on the brand strategy of “stimulating the senses”.

Schwartz packaging redesign

Boxed spices will follow a similar design, but will have a cardboard colored background and more ingredient images.

The redesign is part of a broader campaign to “further boost the brand’s preferences and relevance in today’s modern gastronomic world,” according to the consultancy.

Paul Taylor, Creative Director at BrandOpus, says: “We wanted to create a more vibrant and dynamic look and feel that influences shelf perceptions and shifts from a commoditized ingredient to an exciting source of flavor and inspiration for [los clientes] kitchen.”

The new visual identity will launch in the UK and the rest of Europe in the coming months.

Redesign of Schwartz range packaging

Schwartz packaging redesign
Schwartz packaging redesign

Classic spice container design

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