‘Smelvetica’ Is the Legendary Typeface Reimagined for ‘Your Worst Enemies’

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The reason why ‘Helvetica’ It’s still so popular it’s because while it’s probably overused it’s stupidly readable and never ugly, but one designer has made it his mission to make it unreadable and annoying. Tim holman , who calls himself “tinkerer, tuner [and] tamperer ”, has modified the classic typeface into something that seems to have fallen out of favor. It’s’ Smelvetica ‘-‘Helvetica’ with disastrous kerning.

To create this “morbid monstrosity,” Holman opened the original “Helvetica” typeface from his archives, fiddled with its fonts, and moved them around its guide grids.

“This hadthe desired effect of ruining your beautifully designed kerning, as such, creating ‘Smelvetica,’ “he wrote in a blog post .

So for whom could I is this typeface perfect? “[Y] our best friends, or their worst enemies… The offline profile has been specially modified, to be, good, bad, horrible, horrible and painful ”, the designer He said on GitHub.

Joke typography for designers

Smelvetica is the legendary typeface reimagined
Smelvetica - A Practical Joke For Designers 3

Tholman has made the final result is downloaded for free. What it does is turn every visible chunk of text that has been set to ‘Helvetica’ into its objectively ugly alter-ego.

preview of the new version of the kerning-crippled and head over to the ‘Smelvetica’ microsite to seriously upset the designer in your life.

Fun to see Smelvetica getting a bunch of love this weekend ~ https://t.co/IHhA6o4t4s ~ Definitely the best font to represent the current times ? pic.twitter.com/c1StaSMi4Z

– Tim Holman (@twholman) September 9, 2018


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