The Best Apps For Android Graphic Design

Discover free and paid Android graphic design apps worth downloading to sketch ideas and create new designs, including Sketchbook Express, Infinite Design, Adobe, and more.

What are the best Android apps for designers? Here, we bring you some of our favorite apps for designers with Android tablets to help you jump-start your mobile creativity.

From inexpensive Android tablets made by companies like Tesco and Argos to powerful high-end tablets made by Wacom, Android tablets, and also smartphones, remain very popular tools for designers from all walks of life.

However, what really makes tablets and smartphones useful for creatives is the applications available to install on those devices, but with so many applications to choose from on the Google Play Store, it can be a daunting task trying to choose what. worth downloading.

Design apps for Android

To help you, we’ve collected some great Android apps that should get you started and could become invaluable assets for all designers.

Infinite Design

Graphic Design Apps: Infinite Design
Graphic Design Apps: Infinite Design

Created by developer Sean Brakefield, Infinite Design is a vector graphics application for Android that allows you to create designs using your tablet or smartphone.

If you’d like to try before you buy, the free version includes an infinite canvas, infinite layers, and an infinite undo and redo system (hence the name), layer options like split, merge, flip, and duplicate, and five symmetry tools, the ability to import images to the canvas and add special effects and a pencil and path editing tool for precise control.

Without paying for the full version, you will be able to save your work as JPEG, but the full version will give you the ability to save images as PNG, PSD, or SVG and is ad-free.

See Infinite Design in Google Play Store.


Graphic Design Apps: Sketchbook
Graphic Design Apps: Sketchbook

Created by Autodesk, Sketchbook is a free downloadable drawing and painting application that can help you accomplish simple tasks like sketching ideas for more complex projects that involve layers and intricate brushes.

The tools are not as comprehensive as those found in the Sketchbook Pro app, which is available as an in-app purchase after downloading the free Sketchbook app here, but will work for most designers who need a tool for moments. of inspiration while Out and about.

See Sketchbook in Google Play Store.

Adobe Capture CC

Graphic Design Apps: Adobe Capture CC
Graphic Design Apps: Adobe Capture CC

Adobe Capture allows you to convert photos to vector graphics for use in other Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Animate, Illustrator InDesign, and Premiere Pro.

This free app is a combination of Brush CC, Color CC, Hue CC, and Shape CC, allowing you to play with geometric patterns, colors, shapes, and custom brushes.

The latest version lets you find fonts in the wild – take a photo of the type you like and watch a list of similar suggestions from Adobe Fonts appear.

See Adobe Capture on the Google Play Store.

Adobe Comp

Graphic Design Apps: Adobe Comp
Graphic Design Apps: Adobe Comp

Adobe Comp can run on your Android device in compatibility with all Adobe software, but this application allows graphic designers to play with text, shapes, and fonts.

There are free fonts available to choose from Typekit, and the latest version now allows you to play with third-party fonts installed on your device. The latest version allows you to instantly view mockups, edit multiple selections, and use keyboard shortcuts.

The best part of Adobe software is, of course, having your files synced to any device whenever you need them, which means you can seamlessly pick up your work from your device for editing on your desktop.

See Adobe Comp on the Google Play Store here.

Tayasui Sketches Lite

Apps for graphic design: Tayasui Sketches Lite
Apps for graphic design: Tayasui Sketches Lite

Tayasui is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use drawing and painting app with a long list of tools and features that are sure to excite any digital artist.

It prides itself on offering ‘ultra-realistic art media tools such as highlighter, oil pastel, watercolor (wet and dry brushes), acrylic brushes, and more.

Get Tayasui Sketches Lite for free on Google Play Store here.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Sketch offers drawing tools that include a graphite pencil, an ink pen, blending markers, and an eraser, as well as brushes that include acrylic and pastel. Essentially, it’s Photoshop’s design tools condensed into a mobile app, so it should be familiar and endlessly useful to you.

There’s also the Photoshop Mix app that’s geared more for photographers than designers, but it could be useful. It’s where you’ll find other Photoshop tools, including Content-Aware Fill and Camera Shake Reduction, as well as other image enhancement features.

See Adobe Photoshop Sketch in Google Play Store.


You can also try ArtFlow, a highly rated app that offers a free version for you to try before deciding whether to pay for the pro version as an in-app purchase.

With the free version, you get 20 tools, two layers, and 6-step undo, while the Pro version offers 70+ brushes and tools, infinite undo and redo, up to 16 layers, the ability to export to PSD, and more.

See ArtFlow in Google Play Store.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

You can create vector art with Illustrator Draw, with many useful tools at your fingertips to make the experience easier and more efficient.

You can zoom up to 64x to apply fine details and customize your toolbar and brushes.

You can also create perfect lines and curves thanks to the Touch Slide digital ruler and add images from multiple sources, including the Creative Cloud Marketplace for tracing and collage.

2GB of free storage for syncing and sharing files comes with the basic level of Creative Cloud membership.

Compatibility with pressure-sensitive probes, including its own Ink & Slide by Adobe, also offers an additional attraction.

Illustrator Draw can be downloaded free from Google Play Store.

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