The Best Free Google Slide Templates

Google Slides Templates

A collection of professionally designed free Google Slides slide templates that will totally impress your audience in 2020. These presentation templates are designed according to the latest graphic design trends combined with functionality and professionalism to make your work efficient.

The templates are super easy to edit and customize to your needs, and in most cases suitable for more than one presentation. Feel free to rearrange your slides, change items and icons.

1. Free Business Proposal Presentation Template

Proposal Free Google Business Slide Show Template
  • clean and modern commercial design
  • 8 business-themed slides with different layouts
  • compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote

An attractive business proposal presentation template available for free in exchange for your email address. This design is done in a classic blue-red color duo that speaks of stability and reliability, but at the same time, it instantly turns heads. The layout is compatible with the most popular 3 presentation software at the moment and includes useful sections such as company values, revenue model, product preview, etc. Go to download page

2. Volos Free Presentation Template

Free Volos Slideshow Template on Google
  • elegant and classy business design
  • 23 slides with practical layouts
  • compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote

An attractive and elegant business template crafted in a black-beige color scheme that conveys sophistication, high class, and formality. This template includes a variety of slide designs that speak to its functionality. You can use it for business proposals, presentation presentations, corporate presentations, business reports, and more – the choice is yours. The template can perfectly encompass a high-class corporate environment and is compatible with 3 mass presentation software, so feel free to add it to your collection of business assets.Go to download page

3. Multipurpose Free Presentation Template with Bright Yellow

Free Formal Powerpoint Template or Google Slides Theme with Yellow Frame
  • cool and eye-catching multipurpose design
  • 25 slides with various designs for your needs.
  • compatible with Google Slides and Powerpoint

The black and yellow duo is among the color combinations More popular by 2020 , so this template is definitely a must download. Plus you get 25 awesome slides that will serve you many purposes. This attractive template comes in a 16: 9 widescreen ratio. However, you can easily change it to 4: 3 if needed, just make sure all images look good. This type of free presentation design is perfect for business presentations as well as more creative themes.Go to download page

4. Free minimalistic presentation template

Free minimalistic presentation template for google slides
  • attractive minimalist design
  • 8 professional slides
  • compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote

A very elegant and tasteful presentation template consisting of 8 professional slides with all-purpose layouts. The gray and lime color theme makes this design look super modern. This template comes with image placeholders and icons that make it very easily editable according to your preferences. It also has a world map. The template is compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote.Go to download page

5. Free Master Business Presentation Template

Free Master Business Presentation Template for Google Slides
  • simple and professional professional design
  • 23 slides that focus on simplicity
  • compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote

This free presentation template is designed with serif fonts as an accent and a deep blue color, all of which convey elegance, professionalism, and reliability. In the diversity of slides, you will find everything you need to impress your potential business partners: iPhone, iPad and MacBook mockups, slides with process charts, tables for comparing data, the world map, layouts with one, two and three columns . , and more.Go to download page

6. Minimal free google slides template

Minimal Free Google Slides Template by LouisTwelve
  • stunning minimal design
  • 10 modern slides with great layouts
  • compatible with Google Slides and versions for Powerpoint and Keynote

A minimalist black and white Google Slides template that impresses with simplicity and functionality. This short 10-slide template is perfect for creative businesses – it comes with sans serif screen fonts as an accent and minimalist icons to keep your message focused rather than distracting you with unnecessary detail. The template is perfect for many occasions, plus it comes with versions for Powerpoint and Keynote if you prefer other presentation software.Go to download page

7. Pack of 10 Unique Free Google Slide Templates

10 free google slide templates
  • 10 Google Slides templates with modern creative designs
  • 6 to 10 slides per template, depending on the topic
  • compatible with Google Slides and fully editable
  • available to use without attribution

A super hot bundle of free presentation templates compatible with Google Slides and released exclusively by GraphicMama. With their fresh colors and bold design elements, these templates are perfect for creative companies and entrepreneurs who want to instantly turn heads. The resolution is 1920 × 1080, and each template comes with a different number of slides. A must-have collection that doesn’t even require attribution to use!Go to download page

8. Free Google Slides Corporate Template

  • a new business design
  • 11 diverse and easy-to-edit designs
  • compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote

A new business design that impresses with 11 diverse slides. The colors used add a dash of playfulness to the seriousness of the business, while the simple designs will help you get your message across in an easily understandable way. Inside, you’ll find an overview of the company, slides, equipment, portfolio, services, various types of charts and graphs, and a laptop mockup. In short: everything you need to present your business in a fresh new way.Go to download page

9. Google slide template with minimal class

Minimal class Google slide template
  • an ultra-modern minimalist design
  • 12 tasteful slides with practical layouts
  • compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote

A template that impresses with a keen eye for design. This minimalistic presentation template conveys elegance while being realistic at the same time. The 12 unique slides offer layouts that will definitely serve you well for more than one presentation. Also, the layout is very easy to edit and will effortlessly help you get your message across no matter the subject. Two words to describe it: purity and elegance.Go to download page

10. Minimalist Google Slides theme in 4: 3

  • elegant design with gradient design elements
  • 10 great slides with useful content
  • compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote

If you are looking for a 4: 3 aspect ratio combined with a modern design, then with “Nine” you will hit the strike. This minimalist yet super sleek and smooth design can be easily adapted to various presentation themes. With its 10 handy slides, loaded with charts and tables for every occasion, you can successfully create a business presentation, as well as a presentation in any creative field. Compatible with the 3 most used presentation software.Go to download page

11. Free Google Slide Template for Investors

  • a professional design in a fresh green
  • 16 useful slides with easy-to-edit content
  • compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote

Definitely a professional look that all investors would like to convey through their presentation. This professional layout is specially designed to help you present your plans in a professional manner. Energetic green will help you keep your ideas fresh and new, while maps, charts, SWOT analysis, and other helpful visual tools will help you convince your potential partners of the feasibility of your ideas.Go to download page

12. Free Teamwork Google Slide Template

Free Google Slides PowerPoint Template with Teamwork Illustrations
  • A bright green design with teamwork illustrations.
  • 25 slides with tips on how to use
  • compatible with Google Slides and Powerpoint

A super cool and innovative design focused on teamwork. This template is a true gem for all companies whose winning team is their greatest asset. Flat, fresh illustrations and smooth liquid shapes make this template ultra-modern and catchy. Inside, you’ll find helpful charts, graphs, maps, infographics, and more resources to visualize your data in the best possible way. The aspect ratio is 16: 9 and the compatibility is: Google Slides, PowerPoint. Go to download page

Last words

All you need to impress your prospects in 2020 is a collection of free professional Google Slides templates that will be your trusted ally throughout the year. These templates will make your ideas stand out and are sure to help you strengthen your brand presence.

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