The Best Free Infographic Templates for Every Software in 2021

Free Editable Creative Infographics Templates

Infographics is a visual tool whose potential is yet to be unveiled further in 2020. In today’s post, we’ve rounded up some of the best free infographic templates on the web that are compatible with the most popular software: Powerpoint, Google Slides, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. Regardless of what you prefer to work with, amazing results will be right around the corner. Let’s start!

Free infographic templates for PowerPoint and Google slides

A selection of free infographic templates for the most popular presentation software: PowerPoint and Google Slides.

These infographic templates are perfect for visualizing data. In addition, they will help you explain your concepts and ideas in a very understandable way. Complex topics are always a challenge to present, especially if you are standing in front of a large audience. However, these infographic templates contain helpful resources and visual tools to make your work easier.

free infographic templates from HubSpot

A collection of 15 free PowerPoint-compatible infographic templates, created by HubSpot.FREE DOWNLOAD

Free animated business infographics

A set of 8 fully editable PowerPoint infographic slides with animations, provided by SlideModel.FREE DOWNLOAD

Vertical timeline infographic for PowerPoint

A beautiful timeline infographic template available for free download as a PowerPoint PPT file format.FREE DOWNLOAD

free infographic powerpoint template by bypeople

A free PowerPoint template with 64 slides, many of which are out-of-the-box infographic templates. It is perfect if you are going to use the infographic in a complete presentation.FREE DOWNLOAD

Pyramid Chart Free PowerPoint Infographic Template

A 10 slide template containing pyramid chart infographics. Provided by PowerPointify and available as .PPT.FREE DOWNLOAD

Waterfall diagram infographic free PowerPoint template

A collection of 10 waterfall diagram infographics designed in a modern flat style.FREE DOWNLOAD

Life Cycle Diagram Free Infographic Template for PowerPoint

A PowerPoint compatible “Life-Cycle” infographic template containing 10 minimalistic infographic slides.FREE DOWNLOAD

Balanced Scorecard Free Infographic Powerpoint Template

A template with 10 great infographic slides designed in a clean style and perfect for business purposes.FREE DOWNLOAD

free minimalist powerpoint infographic template

A demo template with 5 free infographic slides for PowerPoint and Keynote. Designed in a minimalist style and fully editable.FREE DOWNLOAD

Free Vector Infographic Templates for Illustrator

The most famous software for professional vector graphics editing, Adobe Illustrator, offers many opportunities to create an impressive infographic design. Fortunately for you, someone has already done the hard work.

These super useful and modern free infographic templates come in vector formats, perfectly compatible with Illustrator. They can be used as the basis for your design because you can change pretty much every element, or they can be used as is – just use the text placeholders to place your content.

free 3d modern infographic template vector

An attractive 3D half globe infographic with floating colored cubes on top. Suitable for representing steps, percentages, and more.FREE DOWNLOAD

Free Modern Three Step Infographic Template by Freepik

A modern and simple infographic design featuring 3 paragraphs, steps, elements, with nice gradients and modern linear shapes.FREE DOWNLOAD

free hand drawn infographic timeline

A playful hand-drawn timeline infographic with clouds, a paper plane, and a fun font that perfectly complements the design.FREE DOWNLOAD

flat design infographic with retro colors

An infographic in retro style and colors, featuring 5 different options or steps.FREE DOWNLOAD

free hand drawn infographic template

A cute hand-drawn infographic timeline template with a rich yellow accent that can be changed to your liking.FREE DOWNLOAD

free flat design ecology infographic

A free flat vector ecology infographic design including modern icons, text placeholders. Designed in nice retro colors.FREE DOWNLOAD

flat design colorful free timeline infographic

A modern infographic featuring a timeline and 4 corresponding labels in different colors and editable icons.FREE DOWNLOAD

10 Free Infographic Vector Templates

A set of 10 free infographic vector templates that include elements such as a world map, various infographics, charts, timelines, and more.FREE DOWNLOAD

free business infographic template colored pencil and table decoration

An infographic bar chart designed as a colorful pensil. With text placeholders, icons, and guidelines.FREE DOWNLOAD

free 3d infographic template

A free download 3D vector infographic design, presented as colorful 3D cubes / blocks with placeholders and text icons.FREE DOWNLOAD

business steps free vector

An attractive business infographic with 4 different steps or sections. Designed in material style with colorful modern gradients.FREE DOWNLOAD

8 free vector templates for Adobe Illustrator

A collection of free infographics designed by GraphicMama. Colorful and fully editable, these infographic layouts are suitable for prioritizing steps, processes, percentages, and more data.FREE DOWNLOAD

Free infographic templates for Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is probably the most famous and preferred graphic editing software in the world. In this selection of free infographic templates for Photoshop, you’ll find eye-catching designs. They are conveniently prepared in well-ordered, named and organized PSD files, so that you have a seamless experience in the software.

Text placeholders and layered layouts allow you to easily enter your content into templates, as well as make changes to original infographic layouts.

8 free psd templates

A set of free PSD infographic templates designed as fresh and colorful themes that are totally free to edit as you like. Templates include text placeholders.FREE DOWNLOAD

free modern shape infographic by freepik for photoshop

A free and colorful PSD infographic template designed with honeycomb shapes and fully editable text placeholders.FREE DOWNLOAD

free template water theme

A free water-themed long infographic template compatible with Photoshop and available in 3 attractive color versions. With editable graphics and text placeholders.FREE DOWNLOAD

free psd template food theme

A food themed infographic template with text and image sections that can be easily adapted to another topic of your choice. Prepared in 3 different color schemes.FREE DOWNLOAD

free futuristic world map template for photoshop

A world map infographic template with a futuristic / tech-inspired design. Easy to edit graphics and text placeholders. Available in PSD, vector and Powerpoint formats.FREE DOWNLOAD

Last words

Infographics are definitely a must-have tool in your arsenal of marketing assets in 2020. Even if you’re not a designer, this selection of free infographic templates will help you take advantage of this kind of visual asset. In addition, you can use the software that you are most comfortable with.

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