What Not to Give to a Graphic Designer for Christmas.

If you want to remain friends with your designer, these are the gifts you should avoid.

Buying a Christmas gift for a graphic designer is a minefield, which is why we give you some great ideas in our “What NOT to gift a graphic designer” guides,

But to make sure you’re on the right track (and with your tongues on your cheeks), we’ve put together this handy infographic guide on what do not Must buy. Take this list with you when you head out to the Christmas market or take a last-minute run down the seasonal grocery store aisle.

Don’t give this to your graphic designer friend

And if you are a graphic designer, be sure to share all of this on your social media channels to avoid disappointment on the 25th.

What NOT to give to a graphic designer
What NOT to gift a graphic designer: Click on the image to see the full-size infographic.

The good news is that here we have the solutions for some of these problems. These best pencils for designers and artists They would make a nice gift, rather than budget art supplies from the supermarket.

And while there are many books with “design” in the title that risk offending seasoned designers with their beginner content, there are also these 30 books that every graphic designer should read.

You know that one of the Nine Most Annoying Things All Designers Do is spending years critiquing a restaurant menu design while sitting patiently, rumbling upside down, waiting to place an order. So to make everyone’s life easier, avoid taking them to a “good meal” and get them something tasty to eat at home. As long as it has a good packaging. These 45 awesome packaging designs should provide inspiration.

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